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Characterization of components and systems

Banc de caractérisation d'un composant télécomThe platform "Components and Telecommunication Systems" is intended to characterize in optics and electronics on one hand  photonic components  such as opto-microwave in optical telecommunication systems, and on other hand systems themselves. The interactions between the two types of waves can also be studied.

The characterization of photonic components such as opto-microwave requires several steps that can be quite complex in view of the nature of these components and many physical parameters at stake. Regarding the microwave characterization a measuring chain can be organized around a set of RF generator and a spectrum analyzer, the models in the platform being respectively of 20GHz and 44GHz bandwidth. The measurement of components in the RF field of course requires a network analyzer, for the moment we only have a 1.8 GHz and a 3 GHz analyzers. The achieveing of a coherent team at 20GHz is one of our priorities. Besides there are also conventional measuring dives for an electronic instrumentation, LF function generator, multimeter, frequency counter and oscilloscope. Thus it's possible to develop electronics needed for implementation of components.

In the optics, tunable laser sources, combined with an amplifier Erbium doped fiber, and broadband detectors (bandwidth by 18 GHz and 40 GHz), can characterize a transmission component or possibly mounted on a precision optical bench. Another equipment considered essential to acquire is a spectrum analyzer with an high optical resolution.
The measures combining both RF and optical aspects are possible, the variety depending only of the alternatives of cross combination of different measuring devices. Thus it's possible to determine the transfer functions and the optics and the electronics as in the cross characteristics.

Beside the measuring instruments, it's possible to conduct simulations in both optical and microwave fields, using software based on finished elements technique.

Contacts et modalités d'accès

NGUYEN Chi Thanh (Banc de caractérisation des composants)

Liste des équipements

  • Banc de caractérisation des composants optiques intégrées passifs et actifs avec source accordable et amplificateur optique dans la fenêtre de télécoms optiques
  • Analyseur de spectre HF 3 Hz-40 GHz (Agilent E4446A)
  • Analyseur de spectre et réseau 1,8 GHz (HP4396A)
  • Générateur de retard (DG535)
  • Générateur de fonction 80 MHz (Agilent 33250A)
  • Compteur fréquencemètre 2 voies 225 MHz, 1 voie 3 GHz (HP53131A)


Les équipements sont regroupés dans le bâtiment d'Alembert, 1er étage - pièce 114 bis (aile du LPQM), et pendant quelques temps encore pièce 221A au 2ème étage du même bâtiment.


Equipements mis à disposition de l'Institut d'Alembert par le LPQM et le SATIE