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Platform for development of polymer components

La salle blanche de CachanThe platform for development of polymer components can achieve micro-sized and nanoscale circuits for applications in optoelectronics and/or microfluidic. It consists in several equipments for thin film deposition, photolithography, etching and metrology. These facilities are grouped in a cleanroom in a controlled environment. These tools are complementary of the technical platform for material characterization which is used in process and final analysis of achievements.

The cleanroom with an area of 50 m² and a cleanliness class of 100 000 with a 50% rate of d'hygrométrie and a temperature of 21°. It's the perfect place for the realization of telecom, optical and microfluidic components. The atmosphere of the cleanroom can be rid of all foreign contaminants which can interfere in the realization of components . Indeed, the various steps required to develop components need extremely clean environment. The equipments in the cleanroom allow the realization of components following the « top-down » technique. There are three main steps in producing components that require different equipments:

  • The thin film deposition by spin-coating and dip-coating methods, evaporation and sputtering (PVD).
    • The spin-coater allows by centrifugation the coating of organic solution. This allows the deposition of thin organic layers..Tournette ou spin-coater
    • Langmuir-Blodgett tank  allows the deposition of amphiphilic molecules by dip-coating. This provides layers of molecular self-assembly.
    • Le bâti de dépôt by deposition and sputtering allows to deposit different types of metal. This provides the conducting of electrodes with a thickness from 10nm to 500nm.
  • The structuring of thin films by photolithography, wet and dry etching.
    • Les aligneurs allow the transfer of a pattern on a photoresist résine by photolithography.
    • Le bâti de gravure plasma RIE can burn photoresist resins and polymer layers.
  • Metrology by prolifometry and microscopy.
    • They allow the measurement of thickness of deposited layers and the study of made components.

The platform provides technical support to users and training to present equipments following the needs of the science project.


Liste des équipements

  • Tournette ou spin-coater
  • Cuve langmuir-Blodgett
  • Bâti de dépôt par évaporation et pulvérisation
  • 2 aligneurs (MJB3 et MJB4)
  • Bâti de gravure plasma RIE
  • Profilométre
  • Microscope optique

Qualification opérationnelle de la salle blanche



L'ensemble de ces équipements sont regroupés dans la salle Blanche de Cachan située au rez-de-chaussée bas du bâtiment d'Alembert.

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